A beautiful fall day in Nebraska

I’m Mandy Ryle mother of two, step-mom of one.  I  also share my  home with my awesome husband Matt and two completely intolerable Schnoodles.   I’m a certified yoga instructor and owner of Sound Method Yoga in Omaha, NE.  I am the Director of Teacher Training at our studio which provides me with the opportunity to not only share my knowledge but to constantly increase it. I am fascinated with yoga history and theory, with how people learn and how yoga can be applied in every day life.

Why the “Yoga Diet”?  I believe that changes who you are as a consumer; not just regarding food but also what you choose to fill your life with. Food is of course a big part of that. My mom was the original Martha Stewart. She raised my sister and I with the habit of  having at least one vegetable on our plate for nearly every meal.  She grew and canned many of the vegetables that we enjoyed at our table.  She told us that some breakfast cereals are only for desert.  She made home cooked meals from real ingredients and never ever worried about fat and calories.  We sat down for dinner together as a family nearly every evening until my sister and I moved away for college.

I have always had an interest in food, cooking and nutrition and yoga has only magnified my passion for it.   I believe that people would make better choices about food and fitness if #1 they were better informed and #2 they experienced more compassion.  I am discouraged and appalled by the “diet culture” in America and want to do my part to reduce the suffering it has caused.

I believe that simple awareness of yoga philosophy can transform us bit by bit.  Thanks for reading!


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